INL WIFI the best performance WIFI in multiple application scenarios, you need a better hardware

Smart appliances portable, you need a more energy-efficient WIFI module

    A Power Indicator (mean)

  • Hibernation:1.5uA
  • Stay connected state :5mA(DTIM=100ms)
  • Networking / receive data status:16mA(100B/100ms)
  • B Wake-up time:220ms

Increasingly complex wireless environment, you need a more stable transmission WIFI to show your product

  • 7 * 24 hours of continuous stress test
  • Industrial Temperature
  • FCC,CE TELECAuthenticate
  • Wireless firmware update

You need to make the product more diversity in terms WIFI

  • 8 Socket
  • Double Reuters biography
  • MCU, SPI, UART, timer, IO, ADC and other kinds of resources available to optimize your system at the lowest cost
  • Super onboard antenna, so that customers can freely define design
  • Integration of multiple cloud agreement MQTT, P2P, CoAP, HTTP, convenience and cloud server adapter

Simplest, most reliable and easy to configure intelligent home needs—SmartConfig

  • smartconfigIs to use the APP to implement a key configuration, so that the family can enjoy --- your family can easily use
  • A success rate of 99.9%
  • If you want 100%, we also support WPS, Web, UDP, AT configuration features

Giving you more choice for embedded development

  • SPI(CLOCK 16M):Maximum speed transceiver module 2Mbps
  • UART(Baud rate 921600): module maximum speed 560Kbps Transceiver
  • Depending on your application scenario, you can achieve AT commands to control and pass-through control
  • Sizes from 21mm to 15mm, the patch form of stamps mouth and pins