"All things together "vendors plan

    "All things together "vendors program is a comprehensive cooperation program by the British for SMEs launched Ling. Is designed to help small and medium sized appliance manufacturers to quickly complete the upgrade of intelligent home appliances, rapid development of smart single product。

Product design

We have the best product design team, in terms of product appearance or to the structural design, we closely follow, because we know that the best intelligent hardware products from industrial design start。

Hardware Design

To provide enterprises with intelligent wireless connectivity hardware design, through to product placement wireless chip modules, such as: Wi-Fi / Bluetooth / ZigBee / RF and other networking products quickly realize the needs of。

Software design

We have a professional development team, focusing on intelligent hardware-related mobile application developers to quickly implement seamless connectivity between hardware and services, to build the best intelligent hardware experience。

Big Data
Cloud Platform
Cloud service

Excellent intelligent hardware products can not be separated stable, real-time, secure back-end server processing platform, we use things MQTT proprietary transmission protocol, a variety of database storage and various API interfaces, full of smart products provide a full range of services。

Cooperation Process

Cooperation Case