• P2P direct two-way communication (patented technology)
  • HMI Distributed Computing (patented technology)
  • Embedded Software extreme optimization, simple compact
  • Understanding Architecture



  • Web3.0—Best cloud service architecture IOT era
  • P2P communication, erasing the central server hardware costs
  • After the firewall is still free control
  • One million concurrent, has been verified
  • Patent encryption algorithm, secure transmission
  • Understand the characteristics

Business model

  • Public cloud (using Nabto deployment server)
  • Private cloud services (use Nabto service but specifically for business rental server)
  • Complete private cloud (business buy NabtoSDK, self-deployment)
  • Learn more


  • Patented P2P technology, through the multi-NAT
  • SDK simple compact, the MCU can be used in small systems
  • RSA encryption technology, reliable documentation
  • Mobile Apps supports multiple concurrent video viewing
  • To help customers build private cloud server
  • Learn the difference